turns data into information.

Modern enterprises operate responsibly, they have long-term strategies and their production methods are environmentally friendly. However, how can this be credibly demonstrated? doCOUNT converts sustainability and performance data into usable information.

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Keep information where it is needed.

The data of a modern enterprise is diverse. Due to its flexible structure, our software can be tailored to the requirements of any line of business. Freely definable calculation modules can be connected to the structure as required and used again anywhere else. An info cockpit bundles all data where it is needed.

«Is doCOUNT a match for my business?»

For everybody – not everybody else.

doCOUNT is easily accessible and can – after brief training – even be used by laypersons. It is, moreover, easy to integrate additional and future requirements by simply changing the configuration. No expensive programming is required. The overall costs (total cost of ownership) stay the way they are: low.

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